Angelica (2015)

Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein
Production Design: Luciana Arrighi
Cinematography: Dick Pope

Janet McTeer as "Anne Montague"

Eliza Madore as Young angelica, Jena Malone as Young Constance

Ed Stoppard and Charles Keating

Feeling funny


Anne meets Young Constance

disturbing optical stripes

Post-prandial embrace

Setting the table

Fabulous train

anne at the haunted wardrobe

The "spider" print

anne in her finery

Anne w Nora (Tovah Feldshuh)

an amoebic jaquard

Photograph by Jena Malone

Older Anne(1913)

Waiting in the park

bustles between setups

another biomorphic print

Ladies of the evening Photo by Jena Malone


BG photo by Jena Malone

Victorian circus procession

Coachman photo Jena Malone

Snake charmer Photo Jena Malone

The vivisectionists

Home from Italian honeymoon- unbelievable ribbon

Capelet fitting @ Eric winterling